Video: Jimmy Gait - "Wakati"

O.K this is a guy who had totally escaped my radar before, but he appears to be one to watch. Check out his "Wakati" video. (Gait stands for God Answers In Time)

Jimmie Gait - "Wakati"

Jimmy Gait - "Muhathara"


Previously Nieleze video and Africa video


  1. http://sifateams.wordpress.com15/2/10 01:22

    Keep u your music... You come from far, I still remember you doing your music in 1997 ! in church,you have grown to this level and you have no idea what is coming .. good things you have never imagined ! We are listening from the US. Meshak

  2. jim wewe si mchezo .remember kijabe madukani t-shirts promotion.benson US


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