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I saw this picture on the BBC News website and for some reason it just struck me. A picture can speak a thousand words.
The description....

Kenyan students performing at their national drama festival this year have adopted the battle against corruption as their theme.
At the moment the country is in the grip of twin corruption scandals known as Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing that have cost Kenyans millions of dollars.
The scams have rocked the government of President Mwai Kibaki and led to the resignation of three of his ministers.

my comments: Such events are good.I hope the future generations will learn that corruption doesn't pay in the end and our country will break the cycle. this is why it is better that democratic space has been opened up.
For anyone living in South Africa Living Waters have just opened their store there, and you can find resources there and order tracts, CD's etc.
They also have stores in New Zealand, Europe, Australia and Canada.
I just watched the Hip Hop Colony movie by Kenyan director Michael Wanguhu at the Filmfest DC this past weekend. It was a winner of two awards at the H2O(Hip Hop Odyssey) festival in NYC including others. It is good to see that the Kenyan arts scene is beginning to thrive and our pool of artistic talent is being exposed internationally. I must say the film was quite well done, although I feel the visuals were quite poor, but I guess that has to do with budget as video equipment is not cheap. All together it gave a good presentation of the rise of hip hop in Kenya and how it has impacted the country. There was also an interesting aspect in it as to how the commercial music has taken over Kenyan hip hop similar to what happened in U.S.
The artists represented adequately covered the spectrum of urban artists in Kenya and included Nazizi, Kalamashaka, Hardstone, Prezzo and others like Ogopa DJs. I think a tribute to E-Sir should also hav been included as he was one of the better rappers. B…
The claims of "The DaVinci Code" are intriguing. They are fascinating, and they are controversial.
What evidence is there that its incredible claims are true? Did Jesus marry Mary Magdalene? Has there been a massive cover-up? What are the implications for you?

for a good resource check out
Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman

April 18, 2006

Ford To Sponsor Homosexual 'Marriage' at Motor City Pride Event

Dear Friends,

Showing contempt for the concerns of traditional families, Ford has agreed to sponsor the "Family Area" at the Motor City Pride Event June 2-4 which will feature a homosexual marriage "commitment ceremony." The purpose of the ceremony is to "make a political statement."

According to the Motor City Pride website, "Metropolitan Community (homosexual) Church of Detroit and Triangle Foundation are looking for Same-Gender couples willing to make a political statement by celebrating their love in a commitment ceremony to be held in the City of Ferdale on June 4, 2006."

When one clicks on the "Family" section of the website, the caption reads: "The Family Area (which includes the 'marriage' ceremony) is Generously Sponsored by: Ford Motor Company Fund." Ford Motor Company Fund gets its funding …
Kaybees 2006 Nominees
The nominees for the 2006 Kaybees - The Kenyan Blog Awards - have been announced!Check out the Kaybees blog for all the information.
The Gospel of Judas?

The Judas We Never Knew

Disgraced disciple actually conspired with Jesus, according to newly released Gospel of Judas. Should we believe it?
by Collin Hansen posted 04/06/2006 04:30 p.m.

The Gospel of Judas debuted Thursday in Washington, D.C. What's the Gospel of Judas, you ask? Well, it's not a gospel. And it's not written by Judas. But it's still important, if not the most important nonbiblical text discovered during the last 60 years, as a National Geographic Society executive told The New York Times.The text, a copy of the document written during the second century, reveals some big news. Turns out Judas wasn't the renegade disciple who betrayed Jesus and committed suicide after remorse overwhelmed him. No, this Judas was just doing what Jesus told him to do. Jesus explained to Judas that he would "exceed all of [the disciples]" by getting Jesus crucified.Well, that sure would change things. If it were true. This "news" i…

COMING SOON!!, APRIL 12TH, mark your calendars, Kirk Cameron of the LEFT BEHIND movie series and the Way of the Master ministries will be appearing on Bill O'Reilly's, The O'reilly Factor. What a great opportunity this will be to lead people to the ministry. Tell people about it.
Click on the link to find a church where they are streaming Lee Stobel, Mark Mittleberg and Dr. Erwin Lutzer.

Find resources, eg videos books about the da Vinci Code and rebutting it.
As The Da Vinci Code movie opens on May 19th and the books continues to sell millions. there is a brilliant oppurtunity for Christians to share the Gospel with others. whether it is inviting people to your home, passing out tracts and debating people, this may be a great opportunity. May we as christians not be complacent but take every oppurtnunty to give a defence for the hope we have in Christ Jesus.