Idiot box

I really don't watch television or listen to radio much anymore, I find my intelligence being lowered when I attempt to watch 95% of the stuff on the tube. But there are still some good broadcasts out there. One of them I enjoy is the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU 88.5(a DC NPR station). It has interesting shows and Kojo Nnamdi is a good host. I really can't stand know-it-all,shout-in-your ear radio hosts and Kojo is none of those. He is pretty fair and balanced,knowledgable, talks issues and is generally down to earth. His show also now(finally) has a podcast.

How about you, what shows do you watch on TV or listen to on radio and would recommend that dont lower the IQ?


  1. I only watch the news channels, discovery channel and The Soup for satire.


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