Shame on you Putin!

Invading another country just when the world should be coming together to watch the Olympics, you have no shame. And no, Russia won't be a superpower again, so can you give it up with the silly power moves. Putin, issue a ceasefire and stop giving us a headache when we are trying to unite in Beijing!


  1. Ahem!... I think it was Georgia that attacked first? And Russia is stronger than you think, I have you seen the surplus they have made from the oil profits...Georgia should not have started something it can not finish. PS the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia want to be with Russia, they have been fighting for independence since 1990. Don't be to quick to judge....

  2. Anonymous11/8/08 18:46

    Georgia is not with fault in this instance as would have us believe. If anything this a lesson. Don't saber rattle with a neighbor who has a bigger stick than you.


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