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Believers beaten and attacked in India.

Three students from a Gospel for Asia College in Maharashtra were hospitalized after being severely beaten and attacked by anti-Christian extremists. Two pastor's wives were also stripped and beaten in front of a village council a month later for their faith in Christ. GFA President K.P Yohannan reports that Christian persecution is growing in central India. The radicals beat the believers with their fists, belts and large sticks. A group of local residents later rescued the believers.

Pray for those in India that their faith may grow despite the persecution and that they may keep their eyes on Jesus Christ.

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Are you like the wise virgins? Are you prepared?

Prayer Alert!

This Thursday (August 10) Kirk will once again be hosting the Praise the Lord program on TBN. Todd Friel will be one of his guests. This is a wonderful opportunity to promote Way of the Master Radio in 70 countries. Please be in prayer for this. Thank you.

Newsboys, Relient K, MXPX, BRIAN LITTRELL of the Backstreet Boys, KJ-52, Salvador, Plumb, House of Heroes, The Afters, and Nothing More. Speakers include Stephen Baldwin, Kurt Schafer, Duffy Robbins, and Justin Lookadoo. More artists to be announced soon!

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Finally found this song....i'll never get bored of it. Isn't she just talented? Ladies n gentlemen Paige Lewis with Power in your hand.

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Ever heard about Travel the Road?

It is an exciting and moving TV series by Tim Scott and Will Decker, two missionaries who travel the roads of the world to spread the Word of God. On their journeys they face all kinds of tribulations and challenges. Through it all they rely on God for His protection and perseverence. Buy the two award winning seasons featured on TBN and JC-TV here.