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Video: Laura Mvula - "She"

This is the second video she has released for this single. I think it's just a matter of time before she is big.

Video: Janelle Monae - "Dance Apocalyptic"

Great summer dance jam! Her sophomore album Electric Lady out September 10th.

Habib Koite Live in concert

Date: SundayJuly 14th 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Charges: Ksh2500 (gate) Ksh3000 (Advance)
Venue: Tree House, Museum Hill

Video: Club Sinema project (trailer)

Interesting project!

The club Sinema project is a platform, backed by Kibanda Pictures, that brings, directors, actors, writers, cinematographers and gaffers together to make films.
We are a no- profit venture, this means our projects are not set out to make profit and our cast and crews are not paid for their participation.
We are simply driven by the passion to create great Films and push the envelope further in the art. We are planning to shoot and release to the World Wide Web, a short Movie every month.
If you want to be part of our projects, either as an Actor, Script Writer, Director, cinematographer or even runner, please get in touch with us on

Video: Mos Def demonstrates Gitmo force feeding (torture) procedure.

Yes, I have called it torture because this is one of the most barbaric things I have ever scene being done to a human. This is what the "great" American military-government(empire) does to people it does not like. Is there much difference between this and something that would be done at a Nazi concentration camp? Think about it. Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) is one brave soul for volunteering to expose this evil, satanic practice. WARNING: This video is disturbing

Video: "Easier Said Than Done (A Rally Documentary)"

Easier Said Than Done is a full length documentary about rallying. It features drivers and stories from around the world, with a North American outlook. Filmed in 8 countries across 18 months to capture the best stories from the most intense motorsport in the world.

Video: "Dark Girls " documentary

I found this was a really good documentary, so I thought I should post it for you to check out! Dark Girls is a fascinating and controversial documentary film that goes underneath the surface to explore the prejudices that dark-skinned women face throughout the world. It explores the roots of classism, racism and the lack of self-esteem within a segment of cultures that span from America to the most remote corners of the globe. Women share their personal stories, touching on deeply ingrained beliefs and attitudes of society, while allowing generations to heal as they learn to love themselves for who they are.