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An inside look at the upcoming Nativity movie: (right click, save as..)


Be sure to tune into the Bible Answer Man broadcast this Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25th and 26th, when Hank welcomes Joni Eareckson Tada and Nigel Cameron to the studio. They will discuss the book Joni and Nigel co-authored together, How to be a Christian in a Brave New World.
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my comment- please tune in. she is SUCH an inspiration to all!
Wondering about whats happening in our world today? Jesus warned us about the signs of the end of the age in His Holy Word. Read about them here. click on the picture below.

To read the posts on prayer for North Korea and Pastor Rick Warren featured in persecutionblog.comBlog Carnival #8; see below.
Pastor Rick Warren travelling to North Korea!
What a wonderful God we serve. A God that answers out prayer! It was recently announced that Pastor Rick Warren of the best-selling book "The Purpose Driven Life" is to visit North Korea in March 2007 to preach! Here is the story.
Also, see how life is like for Christians in North Korea from this interview.

Please continue to pray to The Lord that Rick Warren may be used for his purposes. Also thank Him that he has presented this opportunity.

Hello my fellow Christians. As I was watching CNN today they once again highlighted the plight of people living in North Korea and the dire situation that many find themselves in living in that country. Under the brutal dictatorship of Kim Jong Il the people are suffering from starvation, political, and religious persecution. The basic human freedoms that we all enjoy are greatly non-existant in North Korea. Christians also live in great fear for their lives under the iron fist of Kim Jong Il.
As I watched the CNN Presents feature, I was wondering what I could do for the people of that nation and it just hit me that I should pray very hard for those people. So I would like to request that you all join me this upcoming week for the whole week to get on your knees and pray and pray for the people living in North Korea. Pray for their health, safety, that they may get food and also that the Gospel will penetrate into that country to free them from the…
Listen to a music mix by Massachusetts based DJ Freshhere. Enjoy!

Speaking of "where are they now" artists, if the Souljahz seem to be taking too long with releasing new material, how about being thankful the talented Paige Lewis has a new CD titled "The Best Thing" which can be purchased at her website. (note:requires latest Flash version)
If you are missing The Souljahz too much how about joining them at myspace.
a picture from the Nativity movie

Oscar Isaac (left) as Joseph and Keisha Castle-Hughes (right) as Mary.
Christians offer their arresting officers chairs to sit!

On June 9, 2006 ten Saudi Arabian police raided a Christian worship meeting in the coastal city of Jeddah. Four East African leaders of the service were arrested. More than 100 Ethiopians, Eritreans and Filipinos were gathered for worship there at 11 a.m. The worshippers gave the policemen chairs to seat and they proceeded to wait for the service to end still clutching their clubs. At the end of the service, two Ethiopians, Mekbeb Telahun and Masai Wendewesen and Eritreans Fekre Gebremedhin and Dawit Uqbay were arrested and put in the city’s deportation jail. They are reportedly doing fine, but it isn’t known how long they will be in there.

Four men have been arrested in Moroni, Comoros for their “involvement in Christianity,” according to a June 14th report by Open Doors. The arrests took place after a complaint by the brother of 15 yr old Christian who was angry that …
the NATIVITY story - first trailer