Njugush no longer at Hope FM

This from mwafrika
Kenya's leading Christian radio channel continues to see more movement amongst
its presenters. Popular drive-time presenter Njugush (also of Homeboyz Radio),
and most recently host of Route 104 recently went off air as he pursues other
ministry opportunities. His position has now been taken over by Justus Owaka.
Similarly, afternoon presenter JM (Justus Mwakideu) also left the station and is
headed for an upcoming radio broadcaster. His position has now been taken over
by George Gichuru.

I'd just like to say, Njugush is someone who has helped me grow as a Christian just by listening to his show. I have literally grown up(since late teens) listening to him since the Metro FM days.When I was still a new Christian his show was a big help in my life.

::KC blog:: wishes him all the best in his new ministry work and many more blessings to come!


  1. Anonymous16/1/10 18:54

    please njugush why do you left kubamba radio.pls can you kindly come back coz i really miss ur voice,includig am stil saved in route 104,pls will ever come to hope.fm back.when sato reaches i do grieve,bcoz u use 2 be in show i use 2 sleep past 6.am but now by 10.pm i normally be under blanket.pls pls pls use 2 make our evening those days but now very boring.


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