The N Word

This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Just this week I had a painful,profound experience concerning the n-word.

Is this what we come to? What's wrong with us, why would people with so much influence on their tongue use the N-Word when so many young people are influenced by them?

I will be writing more on this issue later.


  1. Anonymous1/8/08 20:11

    the use of Nigga or Nigger only matters if it is used in a derogatory manner.

    I don't use it simply because its not in my vocabulary but it doesn't bother me as much.

  2. So are you comfortable if a white person calls you nigger in a "non-derogatory" manner?

  3. Anonymous3/8/08 11:44

    Is, that the first time in your life youve been called that?
    was it nigger or nigga?
    take some real advise, and get some
    thicker skin, cuz this is nothing profound. you talk as if someone tied you to a tree, for your sake get over it, hope you can with Gods, helps the weak.

  4. I respect you opinion, but I refuse to "get over it." We have heard that song before, I for one won't dance to it...

  5. Anonymous4/8/08 11:13

    i respect what you have said.
    God has given me a bigger place
    in life, noone harsh words can harm me... anymore i wont let them.
    blessing to you.


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