HIV, will it ever end?

So from recent United Nations figures it appears HIV & AIDS is just as prevalent if not more prevalent than ever. 25 years after its first appearance the disease shows no signs of letting up. Though there is some good news (depending on how you view the glass) in that the number of people with HIV has gone down from 33.2 to 33 million, there is also an increase in countries like China, Russia, Germany, Britain and Australia. New data also shows the number of new HIV cases annually in the U.S is 40% higher than thought. In Kenya the picture is not any better, with 1.8 million people living with the virus.

What are your thoughts on what can be done to fight HIV? Do you think condoms are the solution(what I refer to as the asbestos suit method)? Is abstinence unrealistic, should it be scrapped?
Have you been tested, do you know our status. I have, and I do(I'm negative).

In the meantime the virus continues to threaten mankind, will we overcome it?


  1. Yes i have been tested and i know my Status...I absolutely think that abstinence is possible. Because i have seen it happen with a few but i has happened. The key is finding people with the same values and rallying for each other. It has been proven that there is power among numbers. Especially for young people in this day and age where everything is against abstinence, accountability is key. When it comes to HIV and married people...that one is a hard one.


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