Details of the passing of Angela Chibalonza

Hi people,

As we continue to remember the life and music of Gospel Musician Angela Chibalonza, you can find more about her life and the details of the unfortunate accident here.

Keep her family in your prayers, and support them by going out to buy her new album Nimekutana Na Yesu.


  1. Thanks for the good work, may God bless you.

    Angela Chibalonza's sudden death, her songs sang in my head the whole night.

    This is a wake up call to Christians to be ready always.

    May God help the young family.

  2. God was good to us and He blessed us with Angela!! What can we say other than THANKYOU LORD!!

    Glory to GOD!! visit my blog on
    Be blessed

  3. How Angela's death touched me is hard to express. How beautiful Angela will sit at the right hand of God.She informed us before her death that amekutana na yesu.It is real.Brothers and sisters in will you prepare your way to heaven?Angela's way was well prepared.I was watching Jubilee with my daughter the morning Angela Passed Away.I passed Chiromo that day Angela was being brought. I don't know what God was showing me..repent and come back to Him.He createde you and you belong to Him.

  4. Anonymous2/10/07 13:26

    salvation is the most precious treasure. no one knows the time when jesus will come, salvation is believing in God and in his son jesus christ. God comfort you all during this time in jesus name. her works will talk even after her death. service unto god has a reward. we believe she has joined the souls of the saints made pperfect. God be with the family. to him that is joined to the living there is hope. god lives forever more amen

  5. Anonymous6/10/07 13:20

    Beloved in Jesus. I was covered by tears here in Finland when I read Kenya's newspapers on the tragic accident our our beloved sister Angela. I have never met Angela personally but I have bought her Music every time I visit Kenya. Through her singing she was close to me just as a dear sister and the fact that God used her to bless me while serving a Lutheran Church here in Eastern Finland. May our gracious Lord grant special consolation to her family and close friends. Soon we will meet in Heave where she is now giving praise to God our heavenly father.

    Your in Him,
    Rev.Richard Ondicho

  6. Since Angela died I have been scrolling through the net trying to get more information about her funeral and burial with very little effect.Her music keeps lingering in my mind even while i am asleep.Wathching her vedios on youtube is quite consoling. Could someone provide me more information about her funeral and how I can get hercd nimkutana na Yesu.This may relief my grief and maybe for others.

  7. Its a month now, but i still cannot get over Angela's death memories in my mind. Angela was my role model, my mentor and my encouragement. Every Sunday morning i would list to her beautiful Yahweh Uhimidiwe song while i was in Kenya abd Here in California East bay mow. I am overwhelmed with sorrow todate. May the lord keep strong the young family and Bless them with ubandant peace.

    Beatrice karimi
    USA california

  8. thank you for your good work here on earth. through you alot of us,i included got closer to God thanks to your inspirational music.

    I know you are resting in peace for sure.

  9. Praise God Saints
    Am marveled by the Power and the move of the Spirit of God. its been months since Angela passed on and her life celebrated but any time i open to a session of worship in the television i pray that her songs be featured. I thank God that she left a legacy and this should be a wakeup call for us. Would our footsteps and service impact the believers who will look up on us?. God bless her family and anyone attached to her.

  10. Anonymous29/1/08 08:26

    Isaiah 57
    1 The righteous perish,
    and no one ponders it in his
    heart; devout men are taken
    away, and no one understands
    that the righteous are taken
    away to be spared from evil.

    Given what's happening in Kenya, I'd say as always, God's word is truth.

  11. Anonymous7/8/08 04:58

    The best gospel death was so sad to the nation of kenya and indeed the Africa, she is so energetic singer whose her soul will remained in our today lives,may God bless her family

  12. I'm very shocked when I heard that the precious Angela is dead. On reflecting on my favourite song " yahweh Uhimindiwe" when I watch every sunday morning when she sing at video, it was realy tragic.

    Mathew:5:4 " Blessed are those who morun, for they shall be comforted.

    May the her soul rest in peace.

  13. Anonymous31/7/11 07:41

    Angela wz n wil always b my mentor.MAY SHE RIP.

  14. Anonymous16/3/12 09:16

    giving our lives to christ is the best thing ever. walking with Christ is the very best walk. we all nmever know when the harvest time will come. when we will harvested and put in the grannery thet we all belong to. ANGELA was a GOD GIVEN GIFT. She was so inspiring and so blessing.May God rest her in peace.

  15. Anonymous1/6/12 22:31

    Its almost 5 years since Angela passed away and have been away from Kemya since 2002. Going back toKenya often i would listen to her music and today have spent over 2 hrs here in Manchester listening to this gospel singer and cant help feeling her presence is still with us. You were such a blessing and may God bless your soul.


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