Marathon gold!

I'm so happy about Kenya's first marathon gold won by Samuel Wanjiru... Whoopeee!! Read the full story here.

Congratulations to the whole Kenyan team for their performance in Beijing, and also for their hard work and dedication. Keep it up and may God bless you all!

By the way...dare I say it, after all my skepticism this has turned out to be the best Olympics in my lifetime, or at least that I can recall.From the opening ceremony, to Phelps to Bolt and everything in between, spectacular! Congrats to the Chinese people for the success they've made the games.


  1. Anonymous24/8/08 14:43

    I slept at 3am to watch this guy win this thing ever.Also slept 3am watching Ndereba win her silver.

    This olympics have given us the best moments,drama at the relays,kenyas 1st gold in women's 800,Phelps,Bolt..list is endless


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