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Kirk on Good Morning America - Sunday ABC has just confirmed that Kirk will be on this Sunday morning, October 1st on Good Morning America--Weekend Edition. It is on at 6am in Los Angeles and 8am in New York, but every city is different. Check local listings for exact time in your city.

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-- The Invasion Begins!

This October GNN will be launching our very first City Invasion in Dallas, TX during and along with the October EBC! The primary objective of City Invasion is to equip and mobilize Christians of all denominations to leave the ninety-nine, long enough to go out to the open country (the streets and neighborhoods of cities around the world) and find the lost sheep. It is a coordinated and collective, grassroots movement of believers who don’t identify with denominational labels but with the common cause we all have in Christ; to seek and save the lost.

Want to find out more or how you can enlist in the invasion, click on the link below to take you to the website and watch the promo video. We will continue to keep you updated as the Invasion continues to spread into a city near you...Click HERE to go to the CIty Invasion website.
A wife and his pastor have goneinto hiding in Aceh province, Indonesia after a muslim mob set fire to a church on September 1st. Several weeks ago, Pastor Luther Saragih of an Indonesia Evangelical Mission Church congregation, distributed letters to several villages in Aceh inviting Christians to a revival service. A Muslim resident somehow received a copy of the letter and edited it, making it appear that Muslims were invited to the service. More than 500 Christians arrived for the service, along with a large crowd of irate Muslims. Police detained Saragih and scolded him for organizing the service, but another pastor was able to deliver a brief sermon before the event was cut short. Later that night, a mob of more than 100 men poured gasoline over the building and set it on fire. They also attempted to burn a second building used as a church kindergarten and came looking for Saragih and his wife at their nearby house. The couple escaped to the jungle. Christians in a neighboring pro…
Check out this trailer for the upcoming movie, Jesus Camp. What are your thoughts? I'll post mine later.

Event Information
Sacramento, CARussian Baptist Church1000 Sacramento Ave W. Sacramento, CA 95605530-945-0132 - Bart McCurdy
Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne
October 21st
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Finally, after years of trying to make it happen, "The Way of the Master" has its own conference. Join Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, and Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne for our first ever Transformed conference, coming to Sacramento, California.We are very excited about this, because it will give you a chance to spread a fire in your church, in your city, and in your world.So determine to bring your family, your friends, your youth group, your church, and your pastor . . . and watch them become transformed through the power of God's Word.You won't want to miss this jam-packed four-hour event which is absolutely free (we will even give you a sneak preview of the Third Season of "The Way of the Master" television program…
Maybe you believe the "theory" of evolution is based on fact. But the truth is the philosophy is literally filled with more gaps than can be counted. It is filled with the language of speculation as can be seen in this video. Just because they wear white lab coats and hav Phd after their names doesnt mean they speak the truth.


O.K, O.K, I know this is coming a bit late. Yes, they have been back for about the past three months or so..... The Souljahz that is. But they are are finally and thankfully back. This time as TheWashington Projects. As you can see in the picture it is just Jakob and Rachel Washington. Yup, Josh is gone....I guess it was cause of label problems but in any case I'm sure he'll be fine wherever he is as he continues to trust in God. They are under a new label and I guess they should be releasing a new album soon. They're new music and lyrics are definetely sounding as good as ever. To chat with them and get updates, just visit Their website will be up soon.

See y'all!
How to Understand The King James Bible

How do you answer those who have heard the false advertising claim that new Bible versions are easier to read and understand?
I have an appendix in my book, New Age Bible Versions, that tells how to understand spiritual things. Basically it is a "heart problem; it is not a "head" problem. First Corinthians 2:14 says that the bible's words "are spiritually discerned." So, anything relating to the bible has to be "spiritually discerned." Appendix C talks about the seven seals on the bible. The bible tells us that is is a "sealed" book.
Romans 1:31-32 says those who are "without understanding...are worthy of death." Not understanding something spiritual seems to be related to sin, not to a lack of information. In Daniel 12:10 we read that "none of the wicked shall understand." So it is not a lack of information; it is a question of whether the person's heart is right with God. Jes…
The government of Uzbekistan proposed to impose massive fines on people and leaders of religious communities who share their religious beliefs outside their places of worship. This was proposed at an August 4th meeting called by the state Religious Affairs committee. All unregistered religious ativity is illegal in Uzbekistan. The fine for sharing their beliefs would be between 200 and 600 times the minimum monthly salary. Persistent proselytizing would impose jail sentences between three and eight years on them and their religious leaders. Currently there is a crackdown on religious belivers of many faiths in Uzbekistan.

Please pray for the persecuted believers in Uzbekistan that they may have courage and keep all their trust in The Lord. And also pray for their safety. For more info on Christian persecution worldwide visit.