Yafesi leaves Hope FM

It's with some sadness that I report Yafesi Musoke has left Hope FM radio to pursue a advertising career with Nuturn Bates. He was the host of the popular show Route 104 on weekday evenings, Top 30 countdown and Activate. I must say I was a big fan of his show and he will be sorely missed on the airwaves. Yafesi ::Kenya Christian:: wishes you all the best in your new endevours and thanks you for all the wonderful joy-filled years you gave to all your listeners.

Previously Yafesi speaks with Mwafrika


  1. Hey, we wish Yafesi well. Hope FM should get Family FM's Mike on the mic. He's such a talented presenter.

    Arap Tilyong

  2. Its good to have fellowshipped with Yafesi. But now our hope and steadfast prayer is that he keeps the faith and zeal in serving the Almighty in the new field. To us all, let's pray that God may lift us to service as He has done to Yafesi en know that we are still on the race.

    Humphrey M. Njue


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