Let's demand William Ole Ntimama be brought to book!

Although for some reason the media and establishment have attempted to bury this story, some of us are determined to keep it alive.e I don't know about you, but when a whole Cabinet Minister admits on live TV to killing over 600 Kenyans in cold-blood, keeping silent should be unthinkable.

So, join the facebook group and let's demand justice for those innocent Kenyans who were murdered for no reason.Why are we having a commission investigating the post-election violence when a minister has just confessed to like 90% of the killings? Isn't it weird that the same MP's who were demanding Kimuya's head on a platter are now silent on something much worse! Were they only hounding Kimunya for political reasons, why the inconsistency?

Join the group here and let's demand some justice!


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