Kubamba Krew attacked and robbed!

This is from KenyanGospel.com

On the night of 24th July 2008, gangsters stormed the home of K-Krew's
frontman DJ Moz near Kianda School and made away with his DJ Turntables, mixers,
TV, Radio, 5 Cell phones, shoes and clothes. Fortunately DJ Moz was not in the
house at the time but his K-Krew right hand man Njugush (John Njuguna) was in
the house together with Andy (a K-Krew volunteer) and Johnie (Kinijo) of the
Stompers. Andy and Njugush were having a discussion as Johnie was practising
with the DJ equipment. Speaking to KenyanGospel.com, Njugush explained that they
were expecting DJ Moz in the house shortly and had not locked the door. Over 15
people armed with pangas (machettes), rungus (bats) and stones stormed the
living area and hit Njugush with a plank of wood then started grabbing
equipment. They also cut Kinijo on the lips and he was taken to hospital where
he got some stitches.

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Remember to keep K-Krew in your prayers, and that they will recover and continue blessing the youth with the Gospel


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