Michael makes must see TV!

For those of you who watched Hip Hop Colony you'll probably have realized what a talent Michael Wanguhu is. I saw HH Colony at a Filmfest(which I blogged about a while back) and it far exceeded my expectations of what a Kenyan production can be(forgive my cynicism, I know we're trying). As someone who has followed Kenyan hip-hop since its beginnings around 1996, HHC felt like the perfect summary of how far we've come. In fact remind me to buy the DVD for my collection, its a must own!
Anyway Michael now has a new DVD called Ni Wakati, and what else can be said but this is must see Kenyan TV! (It was recorded during Dead Prez's visit to Kenya.)


Description: Ni Wakati places the destiny of the future in the youth's hands. It's a passing of the revolutionary torch to the youth from the fore fathers. It shows how the revolutionary youth of Africa, utilizing Hip-hop have turned the Ghetto's into breeding ground of explosive talent in the art's and the political sphere. Hip-hop also becomes a universal ingredient that can voice oppression and fight it where it exists as it also becomes a unique channel to dispense the beauty and complexities of Africa. On this unique excursion we journey with M1 from Dead Prez and Umi from POW to East Africa. We see them interact with their fellow Africans where they not only eat, but they also get to trade verses in make shift studios at various artists home, even the ghettos.



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