Why is the Ntimama confession being ignored?

Ntimama Watch - Day 1

Clearly...I am not the only one who has noticed something very fishy going on with the press,politicians and civil society who have totally buried and ignored the fact that a whole minister last week admitted on National Television to wiping out between 600 and 1000 Kenyan citizens.

So today, I am starting a Ntimama Watch that will keep this issue alive until some action is taken on the minister either by parliament,the police, the President, PM or whoever. Parliament seemed so eager to take action former Finance Minister Amos Kimunya regarding the Grand Regency deal. Why the silence on this and the minister made a direct confession on National Television? If you did not see the confession, watch it here.

So this is Day 1 of Ntimama Watch. we urge the Police Commissioner Hussein Ali to take action on this minister. Such impunity is unacceptable in modern day Africa. This is not the first time William Ole Ntimama has been accused of being part of tribal cleansing or hatred. We demand action!

(Feel free to add Ntimama Watch to your blog and lets get some action)


  1. Anonymous23/7/08 11:25

    am happy am not the only one who is really concerned there seems to be a silent agreement to push this under the carpet. i could write up a petition but who is going to sigh it, we need like 1000000 signatures on it. am so lost at what to do....sighhh. how do i add this Ntimama watch on my blog?

  2. Anonymous23/7/08 15:46

    i ask where are the Maina Kiai, the church leaders, civil societies, LSK, BBC, CNN, the Kenyan press, the rightious ODM,the many blogs that say they represent Kenyans vies?

    its because kikuyus were the ones killed so every one is happy with ntimama.


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