Batman Returns!

No, I don't mean the 1992 Tim Burton movie(which I think was the last great Batman movie.) I mean The Dark Knight, which I went to see yesterday, and maan what a good movie! Although I am not as big a comic book fan as I used to be as a child, I still have affection for the different superheroes. I have always been more of a DC Comics fan than Marvel, with Superman and Batman being probably my two favorite superheroes. I went to see Iron Man and I was disappointed in it(it had some good effects though)

Well as for The Dark Knight I felt that they have finally gotten a Batman movie right! This is the way it should be done...conflicted,menacing,quick paced...and just down right..well dark! I think it may be the best Batman movie yet. Christopher Nolan did an excellent directorial job, and the late Heath Ledger steals the show portraying The Joker as just a psychotic criminal(a welcome relief from the gag-filled previous Jokers). I kind of noticed some political undertones too,with the (spoiler alert: wiretapping) and the moral dilemma we today face when fighting terrorists(and criminals with no rules) . Christian Bale is probably the best on-screen Batman so far(Clooney was frankly a disaster).And as someone who still goes giddy over good special effects, you just have to watch the chase scene and that that bike is just too cool! The movie also triumphs in the complex psychological depths it explores.

What can I say...go see this movie!
(Warning: I wouldn't recommend anyone under 13 watching it.)

blog rating 5/5


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