Unreported World - Kenya's Human Time Bomb

(UL by Moriella) Kenyan born reporter Aidan Hartley and director George Waldrum report from Kenya on the exploding population problem, one of the root causes of the recent violence, and a crisis which may yet lead to the complete implosion of what has been Africa's most stable democracy. The link tween terrible violence and the fact that the land just cannot sustain Kenya's growing numbers has gone almost unnoticed by the international media and NGOs

Warning: very graphic video. You may ask why I am posting this but sometimes, people need to be shocked into action. That this is happening in Kenya troubles me beyond words.

Online Videos by Veoh.com


  1. Florence M24/4/08 01:35

    Heavy reliance on subsistence farming as income for nearly 80% of the population is the main problem in Kenya.Every economist will tell you that farming is only efficient when a small number of the population, through incoporation of technology, is able to feed the whole country, leaving the vast majority to go and contribute to other sectors of the economy.The government should advocate only large scale farming.

    Although population growth is an issue im Kenya, I do not think it is as big of a problem as you may think. Even if we all only had one child each, land will remain scarce(because we do not intend to invade our neighbours).It time for us to move to the manufacturing and service industry, like other developed nations.


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