P.O.D discuss their evolving sound

Here is an interview P.O.D did with Christian Music Today

Now that nü-metal seems almost completely phased out, you seem to be intentional in incorporating a lot of diverse influences, like jazz and reggae. What's your take on the group's stylistic evolution?

Sandoval: Well, we never sit down and say that we're gonna write this way or that way, especially at this point in time when we're just having fun hanging out and playing music. We're still full of the same punk rock, hardcore attitude, but 16 years later, you've got guys who have matured in their playing. So they can't make the same record they did in 1994 or even 2000. We still love heavy music, but some of it is more mellow for us. When you listen back to the album at the end of the day, all the different elements keep every song from sounding the same. And people really seem to be feeling this record musically and digging in.

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