HHH Tape 1.0

This is a new series I'm dropping for all you hiphop lovers out there called Holy Hip Hop Tape.

And for our first volume of HHH Tape we got some Third Coast Fiyah!

Song – Artist (Album)
01. Leethal feat. Carlito P. & Eric Cross - Hands Up (UVM2)
02. CedEnough feat. Guess Who (The Redefining Series)
03. Urban D feat. Bobby Tinsley - Home (Unorthodox)
04. Willie Will - East 2 West (God's Will)
05. Dre Murray feat. Fedel - Get Down - (Manumit)
06. TopSpin - More (TopSpin)
07. azriELicia - Decent_Proposal (Help Wanted)
08. Nureau Ink - Tumblin Down (T.R.O.N.)
09. Frontlynaz - Lights Out (Game Over)
10. La Familia Muzik - Krew Is Wild (The Heist)
11. Manafest - Bounce (Glory)
12. Mic BLU - Free (BLU:Love.Hate.)
13. SYD - Concrete Jungle (United Vision Mixtape Vol. 2)
14. Cy - The Ringleader (Circus World Event: The Ringleader)
15. Flame - See More Him (Our World Redeemed)

Download it here!


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