Groove Awards on the way!

Music (creative arts) will never replace the need for food and medicine, but conversely, food and medicine cannot replace the need for music (creative arts). Groove Awards, the first and the only Christian Award Ceremony in Kenya was started in 2004 and its main goal is to Promote, Expose and Celebrate the God given talent in the Gospel music industry. Gospel music has significantly affected and improved the lives of many Kenyans. It has created many opportunities for the youth, many of who would otherwise languish in anonymity. In the year 2004 and 2005, performing artists, producers and musicians were honored in 22 categories which included song of the year, group of the year, male and female artists of the year among others.

-Groove Awards has helped unify the Christian Music industry by promoting common goals and objectives.
-Groove Awards has opened doors in the Christian Music scene for many aspiring singers, songwriters and musicians.
-Groove Awards has played a major role in sustaining of old identities and the creation of new ones.
-The event has given eloquence to voices that are otherwise muted and muffled.
It has served as a marketing venue for the entire gospel music industry in Kenya.
-Groove Awards will continue to serve as a platform from which the gospel will be preached in order to reach out and endeavor to change the lives of young people.
-Groove Awards has given hope to the industry and many up coming and young talents.

The ceremony will be held on Sunday 4th May 2008. The balloting process consists of three steps: an entry form (download here), verification by a panel of judges and separate ballots through: -
1. PEPS - Voting sheets
2. SMS
3. Website –

March 17, 2008 - Entry forms mailed March 31, 2008 - Panel of judges verify forms mailed April 4, 2008 - Ballot voting opens both online and peps April 25, 2008 - Ballot voting closes both online and peps May 4, 2008 - Groove Awards ceremony


Division 1
1. Artist of the Year
2. Artist Group of the Year
3. Male Artist of the Year
4. Female Artist of the Year
5. Most promising New Artist of the Year

Division 2
6. Song of the Year
7. Album of the Year
8. Video of the Year
9. Children's Song Of The Year
10. Worship Song Of The Year

Division 3
11. Choir of the Year
12. Dance Group of the Year
13. Gospel DJ of the Year
14. Rap/Hip Hop Song Of The Year
15. Best Traditional Gospel Song

Division 4
16. Gospel Radio Show of the Year
17. TV Show of the Year
18. Gospel Event of the Year
19. Producer of the Year
20. Song Writer of the Year

Division 5
1. Lifetime achievement award
2. Peace Award

All are encouraged to send in their nominations. Kenyan artistes based in the US, Europe, Asia, Canada or any other place in the world can be nominated in any category. Infact, DJ Kev is encouraging every artiste worldwide to submit their nominations.

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    Eunice Njeri...You have done us proud....Go Go Go!


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