Holy Dave drops new single & interview.

Check out an interview Holy Dave recently did with Mwafrika.com

: First up, we heard that you got a hot-shot job at a clothing company. Tell us about it.
Holy Dave: Yeah, yeah,it's called Jamhuri Wear, it's a clothing company that deals with street wear - you know, like tops, hoodies, and such. It's based in the States, doing very well there. They've dressed some big (secular) names - like when Jay Z came to Tanzania last year, he was dressed by Jamhuri Wear; Akon in his video, to name a few. So Kenyans have been asking about the clad, some few have them - and well, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time!
: But how did you even get hooked up with Jamhuri Wear?
: In my first video I wore a Jamhuri Wear hoodie (That 'MACHAKOS' hood we all wondered about). I know guys think it was made in Kenya - it was actually Jamhuri Wear, I had it custom made and imported. After that, they figured I was a serious guy, so we started talking and I got the job (as Distributor for Kenya). Now we're looking to roll out, working deals with shops, there may be a big launch soon...
M: There has been talk of you starting your own clothing line?
: Right. Actually, this is where the idea came from. Jamhuri has inspired me a lot to make my own stuff. But it's not an easy job having a clothing line, getting everything that's needed material-wise, and it's gonna take time.

To read more of the interview click here

Download his new single "Whatever Man" here

His video for "Not A Joke"
Not a joke-HolyDave


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