Video: Prophets Testimony

Prophet of P4CM shares his testimony.

Description: Many people know Prophet as one of the Movement's Official Poets (next to Blair WIngo), who has been traveling all over the country sharing his gift of poetry with the world - encouraging everyone to give their heart completely to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this this video, Prophet shares his testimony and holds nothing back -- purposing in his heart that God WILL have the maximum glory from his life. He shares how God delivered him from a sexual addiction so in control of him (from the youthful age of 7) that it led to him having sex with crackhead prostitutes, contemplating rape and even to dabbling in homosexuality.

In exposing his most shameful life experiences, Prophet believes, and it's our prayer that after viewing this video "there will be hundreds and thousands of people who will be able to break thier addictions through Christ."


  1. Anonymous9/7/10 04:52

    Funny how many men face the same problem. am too fihting the same devil. I have fallen so many times to all manner of sexual sins that i am almost giving up. Its nice to hear that redemption is not a far off dream.

  2. Yes, very many men struggle with this. Only God can save you(us) from this. Not by our strength but His.


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