Video: Kenyan Boys Choir - Tuli Tuli + Homeless

Here are some videos from The Kenyan Boys Choir who recently performed at Barack Obama's inauguration and are now signed to Universal Music Group. All the best to them.

The Kenyan Boys Choir - "Tuli Tuli"


Their album Spirit of Africa will be available on June 29th.


  1. Anonymous21/5/09 16:41

    For more great videos from the Kenyan Boys Choir plus a taste of what to expect from their forthcoming album you can visit their official website -

  2. Hey thanks for the heads up, and dont hesitate to email me any new info on whats going with KBC

  3. Anonymous16/6/09 12:03

    You can now register to receive the Kenyan Boys Choir newsletter by visiting their Facebook Fan Page and following the 'Signup' link on their wall.

    Remember: The album will be released on the 29th of this month.


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