Video: Emcee Africa II

So you think you can rap?

The Kenyan battle of Emcees will be held at the British Council parking lot, Upperhill on Saturday, May 23rd starting at 7:00am in place of WAPI May.

The Channel O Emcee Africa tour sponsored by Sprite is a continent-wide search for the premier freestyle MC/Rapper. The motive of the tour is not only to find the illest freestyle MC, but to initiate international awareness of the 'street life' and surrounding social and cultural context of the localized music. In other words, the tour is attempting to better contextualize the application and reception of hip hop culture in each of the visited countries.

Never before has a continental Hip Hop reality based competition such as this existed.

The winner will receive $10,000, a video, and a song deal. Leslie 'Lee' Kasumba, a top hip hop radio DJ from South Africa's YFM station, is the host. She also corresponds for and has been chosen to narrate her daily experiences of traveling on the tour in what has been coined 'the Battle Chronicles.'
Five countries will be taking part in this year's Africa’s rawest hip-hop talent competition:

Botswana (Fashion Lounge in Gabarone on 18 April)
South Africa (Roka Bar in Milpark on 25 April)
Ghana (Tantra in Accra on 7 May)
Nigeria (Insomnia Nightclub (Formerly Reloaded)in Lagos on 10 May) and
Kenya (WAPI, British Council, Upper Hill, in Nairobi on 23 May)

They will all be eyeing the ultimate crown during the 13-episode series.

Performance for starters - the ability to rock the crowd and display enough swagger with prepared lyrics to impress. The skill to freestyle on any topic over a popular banger will also score points. And, finally, whoever comes out tops in one-on-one battling will be en route to the finals.

Country eliminations will produce two finalists each from South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya and then the judges hand over to the public to choose – through online and SMS voting.

Join Lee Kasumba and help discover Africa’s illest emcee make it to the top. And as Emcee Africa fans already know, the show is not just about who walks away with the bragging rights to being Africa’s number one emcee. Viewers and hiphop heads will also get a taste of the hip-hop scene in each of the five countries, meeting the hottest hip-hop producers, and the best hip-hop talents on the continent.


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