Conversation with P4CM's Blair Wingo

Here is an interview Rethink Magazine did with Passion 4 Christ Movement's Blair Wingo.

I stumbled upon the P4CM Ministry by "accident" but I'm glad I did. It's what some what term a radical ministry, but I happen to think safe conformist ministires are boring. I dont follow many ministries, because most of them don't challenge me and just tell us what we want to hear about how good we are, and making us feel safe even in our sin. The way I see it If youre going to preach The Gospel don't do it safely, rile up people through The Truth. If they hate you, let them hate you for Christ's sake.

You guys seem to approach ministry rather aggressively. However, it seems to be equally effective. What’s been the most challenging part of being so aggressive in pushing the message of Christ to the public?
Well in view of the people God used in the Scriptures I wouldn’t say that we are aggressive at all. I think some people may see it that way because the Gospel has been so watered down that when someone stands up to defend the cause of Christ it’s so far from what they may see regularly. However when we look into the Scriptures, even more specifically looking at the ministry of Christ Himself, we see Him taking bold stances all the time. He is often noted as having called the Pharisees “brood of vipers,” or His disciples an “unbelieving perverse generation,” and even told them that they could leave if they were not willing to side with His ways. [He] told many to give up everything to follow Him, and if they didn’t love Him more than their family members they were not worthy to serve Him.
A Scripture which comes to mind is Proverbs 28:1 which says, “the righteous are as bold as a lion.” What we are doing is walking in that boldness of Christ since we have been made righteous by faith. It takes a lot of trust in God to open up your mouth when God tells you to. We have to consistently refuse the desire to fear men. Although it is not

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