The Kenyan "Hype"?

(Jim Chuchu)

Wondering who is the creative force behind all those stunning photos and videos from Just A Band, Atemi and more? Well I was too...until now. His name is Jim Chuchu and he is a 25 yr old Kenyan photographer and filmaker, he is also one of the members of Just A Band.That he is talented is not hard to see and what makes it even more fascinating is that he just picked up a camera in 2006! I think he is really taking Kenyan imagery to the next level and it may not be too early to refer to him as the "Kenyan Hype Williams." Don't be surprised to see artists and companies scrambling to work with him in the future.

Check out his website and his blog.

Go check out Just A Bands TRNSMSSN video exhibition at Goethe to see more of his work.


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