Yafesi speaks with Mwafrika

Check out a feature Hope FM presenter Yafesi Musoke did with mwafrika.com I think Yafesi is a good presenter, he is has a calm demeanour unlike other presenters that try to be loud and all in your ear!

The ability to grab a hold of your on-air audience and have them latch onto your
every word is the domain of few radio presenters. Witty, inspirational and with
a voice to match, Hope FM’s Yafesi Musoke knows all about that.
A name
almost synonymous with Christian radio, Yafesi’s efforts are felt not only on
the station programming, but also on their creative and often very interesting
commercials.Off-air, this host of the breakfast show Activate is a simple man
who finds fun in being inventive, and as with all really creative minds, is a
self-confessed introvert. For his listeners, the latter bit may be a tad
difficult to believe, given his outgoing radio persona. This, he says, is
actually one of the main challenges he faces as a presenter. He explains:

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