DJ Fresh Gospel mix

Check out a hot mix DJ Fresh cooked up of Kenyan Gospel music


1. Charity - Sema Yeah feat Jogg-C
2. Gospel Fathers - Sina Madeni (blend)
3. TW - You Got Me Loving feat Lukus Simari
4. M.O.G - Go
5. Gospel Fathers - Chiri Chiri (blend)
6. Maximum Melodies - Come to Jesus
7. Kiddum - Numba Moja
8. Fred Obare - Baba
9. DNG - Let Go
10.Jogg-C - Wacha feat SK Blue (blend)
11.Sheila - Ningwedete feat Babz
12. Davie (Shtuko) - Nisaidie

Get it here Enjoy!

Click here to get the full songs.


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