Quick thoughts: Same-sex snowball?

Is legalized same-sex marriage going nationwide in the U.S?

As most of us may have heard by now four judges decided to overturn the will of the people of state of California this week and legalized same-sex marriage there. It seems to me it may be just a matter of a few years before the whole of U.S legalizes same-sex marriage. Unfortunately the gay-rights movement seems to be winning over people to their side and attitudes are softening on legalizing same-sex marriage. The movement has deceived people into believng its some kind of human rights issue to engage in unnatural and sinful activities. They are sort of equalizing it to the 1960's civil rights movement for African-Americans and many people are falling for it. When you look at this issue at its core, its not about gaining equal rights as citizens(they already have civil unions) but its about forcing everyone to ACCEPT and ENDORSE the homosexual lifestyle, so that its becomes just an alternative lifetyle. That is why they are so intent on getting same-sex "marriage" so that marriage can be made to take any form(not just 1 man-1 woman). What is to stop 5 people who "really love each" other from marrying (polygamy) in future? What do you think,. has the snowball of same-sex marriage started. And should Christians fight to keep it illegal or should we leave it upto God to judge them?


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