Video: Racism in Russia

Wow! I have a black friend studying in Russia right now so this short documentary hit me hard and it was painful to watch. Russia has a terrible problem of racism rising in their country and I really feel that their government hasn't been called out enough on it. With half the worlds neo-Nazi's currently living in Russia, I think this is something that should even go as high as the United Nations, which after all which is an organization that was built on the tragedy that was the Nazi holocaust. It would be really tragic for history to repeat itself when we can stop this growing menace right now while it is not yet widespread. I say stop these people before their ideology takes root in the country! (Warning: video contains graphic violence)


  1. 1st off I love the Current-- their shorts are just timam.

    It seems to me the anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise all over the world.

    Lakini Russia is wow! I have friends who live there, and to be honest, parents should not send their children their. One of my buddies, a young Kenyan man was beaten mbaya sana he ended up in hospital!! The poor 19yr old boy told his parents, and they insisted it would get better.

    That skinhead politician is something else. Chilling, I tell you. Who really glorifies Hitler? Stalin? Most of all Hitler?

    And the NSO training... is mind-blowing! Their actions, even worse/// chilling those executions. wow


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