Chasemode: Man With a Message

In this age of alot of music lacking a message, one wonders if there are any artists left worth listening to, well there are. Using reggae grooves as his template, armed with the Spirit of God and a powerful message Chasemode, as his name suggests is a Kenyan Gospel artist in pursuit of God’s own heart and has a word for the youth of today. In this, the first Kenya Christian blog interview I caught up with Chasemode to share with us about himself and his music.

::Kenya Christian:: How did you get into Gospel music?

Chasemode: Well, I was born in a Christian family and began to go church while still young, building my foundation as a Christian hence creating opportunities leading to where I am now.
I love all types of positive music but most importantly the lyrics of the music; I believe what makes music Gospel or not is the words in the music. With that in context, a passion to spread the word of God especially to the youth through modern music (Gospel Reggae) grew strongly in me and still boils till today, which caused me to take a step of faith to start writing and recording music.

::KC:: Why did you decide to get into Gospel music and not secular?

Ch: Most of the influence came from my upbringing in a Christian fearing family and environment. I got into Gospel music mainly because I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and believe that Christ is coming soon, so it’s a calling for me to spread the word and love of God to many Nations before his returning.

::KC:: What do you think of the current Gospel music industry in Kenya?

Ch: As far as I know I think it pretty good but my prayer is that people will appreciate Gospel musicians more and that musicians could be able to support themselves with the income from music and not has to work other jobs. (For the full time ministers)

::KC:: Do you think some people get into Kenyan Gospel scene just for the fame and money?

Ch: Yes I believe so. It is rather tempting to be attracted by the worldly desires of fame and money and girls. It takes intense prayer, fasting and reading of the word of God to withstand these worldly desires.

::KC:: I see you have your album up on the website. Do you think the internet is the future of music distribution and should more Kenyan artists make their music available on the internet?

Ch: Yes. As technology rises CD’s will be soon obsolete, Digital music is now taking over, you know, as much as Gospel music is a ministry it is also a business. I believe that if I make investment in something, I ought to get it back so I really recommend that more Kenyan Gospel musicians make their music available digitally.

::KC:: How do you get inspired to write lyrics?

Ch: I get inspired mainly by what I see in my day-to-day life, my struggles and experiences in my Christian walk, and also by observing what I like or don’t like about our generation.

::KC:: Now that you are currently in the United States, how do you compare the Gospel industry in the U.S versus that in Kenya?

Ch: Well that’s a hard question, but at least I can get by with my music career here in the U.S easier than I can in Kenya. Here in the U.S people are somewhat a little bit more appreciative of my music. Also the cost of production is not as high as Kenya considering the income of a common man.

::KC:: What lessons can the Kenyan industry take from the Gospel industry in the U.S?

Ch: Um.. here in the U.S people tend have better organization in terms of marketing of the artist and the music especially because most of the work is done online.

::KC:: Which artists on the Kenyan and international scene do you like?

Ch: Kenya- Zaidi ya mziki, SK blue, Kiki, M.O.G, Jimmie Gait, D Kamaa and many more.
International- Monty G, Mr. Lynx, Chevelle Franklyn, Omari, and Stichie… the list is endless

::KC:: Have you performed at any events in the U.S yet?

Ch: Oh yes lots of them…. I’ve been to TX, SC, NC, IN, OH, NJ, PA, GA, DE, VA and of course my home state MD.

::KC:: In your new song “Satan Dread” you mention fornication. Do you find there to be immorality in the American culture?

Ch: Yes, immorality is on the rise here in the States, especially among the young generation. People now live on relative truth rather than absolute truth.

::KC:: Do you think Kenya is in danger of going down that path too?

Ch: I really think these trends can be also seen in the Kenyan culture as well particularly because we are an English speaking country we tend to adapt American way of life faster than most of the African countries do.

::KC:: In the same song you also talk about people fighting. There has been recent horrific violence in Kenya. What do you think Kenyans should do to live in harmony, and is it only the leaders to blame or do we all have a role?

Ch: In my opinion there should be no tribal differences we are all united as Kenyans. Yes we might have disagreements but they should not cause us to fight. I pray for love among the people of Kenya, oneness, one mind, one goal, one direction and one Nation in peace and accord. All I can ask for as Christians to continuously pray for our country, something’s go away only by intense prayer and fasting.

::KC:: What is the name of the new album, and when can we expect it?
Ch: The album is called Human Emergency and comes out sometime this year (note: this blog will be sure to announce when it is available)

::KC:: Where will it be available?


::KC:: Lastly, what would you like to say to the fans and any aspiring Gospel artists out there?

Ch: To all the aspiring artists, the magic words are keep on keeping on, always serve God and know that the road will not be easy but the sole purpose, which is to win souls for the Kingdom of God is worth it. To all my fans, what can I say other than thank you for your support to my ministry is may the Lord bless you and always keep you in His loving arms.

"Satan Dread"

(To sample and buy Chasemode’s first album click here.)


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