IDP resettlement too hasty.

In my view resettling the internally diplaced people(IDP's) back to the area's they were chased out of just recently especially the Rift Valley, would be a foolhardy and unwise move. It is quite clear that there are tensions that exist between two communities (Kalenjn & Kikuyu) in that area. Hastily resettling people back together without dealing with the root issues that led to the conficts is a disservice to all the people concerned. There are issues between the communities concerned that clearly go deeper than just one election(e.g land,jobs) that need to be tackled and dealt with in a serious manner before any type of harmony can be restored in those hard hit areas. Until there is some kind of reconciliation and the diferent communities in the area can learn to trust each other, and live side by side..forced ressetlements will only make the tensions worse. Alternative and realistic solutions need to be found and not stop-gap measures.


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