Video Hits Package 1.1.7

I bet you thought Video Hits Package had died eh? haha.. no dice! For this edition of VHP we will be featuring legendary hiphop group The Grits with their video "Hopes And Dreams/What Be Goin' Down." This song is from their 1997 album Factors of The Seven.

I really like this song done by The Grits and it holds some significance and memories in my mind. I like it first of all because I think its a dope song with nice lyrics,hook and melody. But more than that its significant because I guess you can say it was one of my first steps on the journey to being a new Christian. Prior to the FOTS album the only other christian-rap/hip-hop song I had heard was probably "Stomp" by Kirk Franklin(Peppa raps in it:). As in, I was totally clueless as to the existence of Christian hiphop. So around 1997 a high school friend actually lent me this album because, though I wasn't yet born-again I was kind of curious as to what this Christian hiphop sounded like. Growing up a Catholic I had been used to singing solemn hymns and worship in church, so to listen to Christians rapping about God was quite radical for me! At this time, as far as rap I was listening to the Puff Daddy's,Mases,Busta Rhymes & 2Pacs. So to go from that, to people talking about spirituality and God in their rhymes(and doing it well) was definitely something new for me. Anyway this album really opened up a whole new world of Christianity to me which prior to that consisted of mass,priests and rituals. As in you could actually be cool,be hip, be yourself and still be a Christian? Wow! You didn't have to put on a serious face, try and look all holy,and sing ancient hymns that you couldnt really relate to? I can't lie listening to this album was I guess just one of the paths that led me to be born-again. My curiousity about this other side of Christianity and the freedom it could contain within it was something that really piqued my interest. I guess you could say it was a spark. Thankyou Grits, thank you high school buddy.

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