Features of Nairobi Christians...

According to Gitonga, here are some of the ways you can tell you are a Nairobi Christian:

1. Mavuno Church.If you live in Nairobi and have not heard about Mavuno, I can bet you’re also not aware that the names in the famous/infamous Waki “Envelope” have fikad the Hague! Ok, I am not a regular there, but must confess Mavuno Church has in actual fact taken Nairobi by storm. I already know so much about their services; even though I have not yet attended the church. Love them or loathe them, they have a very clear vision for the capital. It’s for; you either love what they are doing or hate ‘em’ altogether. There are no two ways about it. But don’t we just love talking against or for Mavuno? Mebelieves that even the chief strategist Michael Joseph of “niko na safaricom” fame can learn one or two things from them. Ama what thinkest thou?

5. Wishing our testimony was more exciting and intriguingI don’t know about you, but what is it with us that we always wish that our testimonies were more exciting. We always wish that our testimony was very dramatic…something like this, before I got saved, I was a very bad sinner (are there good sinners?), There is no girl I did not sleep with in my neighborhood, I used to supply and peddle drugs all over Nairobi, I used to be the leader of the most wanted gang in Nairobi……but Jesus saved me in the nick of time. The whole congregation is in awe and there and then we feel that we were not really saved well if you get my drift! I am not against testimonies at all, but we don’t really have to keep glorying in

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Agree or disagree? What other characteristics do you think make the typical Nai Christian?


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