Video: Sauti Sol - "Blue Uniform"

If you haven't yet seen Sauti Sol live, what are you waiting for? I think this group deserves to be big in Kenya and possibly the region. They are really talented. They perfomed this song at Sawa Sawa Festival with crowd particpation(don't you love when performers do that?) and it was really enjoyable. This is the second single from their debut album Mwanzo in stores now.

Update: Catch Sauti Sol before they head off on their European tour


  1. Sauti Sol are awesome!

    I hope the Europe trip gives them the traction they need because in my opinion, they're in the leagues of Eric Wainaina and co

  2. hi kellie, yeah I'm yet to see a dissapointing performance by them. btw, thanx for visiting the blog!


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