East Africa pic collection: 1860-1960

A treasure trove of thousands of images of East Africa dating from 1860-1960 has recently been released online by The Library of Northwestern University (Illinois). For those, like me who are interested in African hi-story(which is rarely told), this should offer an interesting insight, if only visually. African history pre-late 19th Century is still largely shrouded in darkness, so to find a visual record dating from 1860 is really something good. I hope they do an African tour with these images. I'd go.

A online collection of thousands of rare photographs chronicling Europe’s
colonisation of East Africa went live last week, on June 25th, on the website of
the Library of Northwestern University (Illinois). The Humphrey Winterton
Collection of East African Photographs: 1860-1960 includes approximately 7,610
photographs. It was assembled by the British collector Winterton over about 30
years and organised in 76 separate albums, scrapbooks or loose collections. The
collection was acquired by Northwestern University’s Melville J. Herskovits
Library of African Studies in 2002.The photographs were mostly taken by
explorers, military officers, colonial officials, settlers, missionaries,
travellers and early commercial photographers and depict the breadth of African
life during the colonial era. They include formal and informal portraits of
Africans and their colonisers, photos of slaves and slave traders, of the
British bombardment of Zanzibar in 1896, as well as images depicting the
building of the east African railway and daily life in Africa. One of the oldest
photographs in the collection shows a Zanzibar slave market in approximately

View the collection here


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