Video Hits Package

O.K you "remember that" lovers! From now on when I post a video from the past that I like or just want to enjoy again the title of the post will be Video Hits Package. So whenever you see that title just know that these are Gospel music video''s I have enjoyed from the past and am sharing with y'all to enjoy too!

Today will we start with Waking Ashland's song "I Am for You (Don't Give up)" from their 2004 EP I Am For You. You have to love the beginning chords of this track.

Next up we have Subseven with their absoulutely rocking jam "Emotion" from their 2004 self-titled EP. I remember rocking to this jam for about a's just so unrelenting.

Hope you enjoy the rocking hits! Next time w'ell get into some Skillet and Out of Eden.


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