Ennovator launches KINANDA album.

The following is an Ennovator press release dated March 18th 2008:

After a year and a half of hard work Kenya’s premiere Afro fusion/ Jazz compilation album "Kinanda” is completed and ready for the world music market. The album Kinanda takes it name from a Swahili word that is used to refer to a small transitor radio and African equivalent of the xylophone. It a universal word that invokes music and it’s creation. Kinanda is a brain child of Tim Rimbui (Ennovator), one of Africa’s Top music producers, with an impressive music track record, most notably as the only African music producer to have produced and co-written three consecutive Kora Award hits. Kinanda thus combines his song writing and production prowess with the talent of Kenya’s critically acclaimed top musicians i.e. Eric Wainaina, smooth jazz pianist Aaron “Krucio” Rimbui, stunning singer and performer Kanjii Mbugua, Kora award winner, Neema and soulful singer Atemi and gospel veteran Hellen Akoth. KTN reporter John Allan Namu also makes the roster.

Kinanda also features noteworthy new comers Chizi, Chris Adwar and Africa’s best-kept guitar secret, Izzo Mugunda, among others.

Kinanda is primarily an annual album and multi-concert project by EnnovatorMusic that has brought together Kenya’s best performing/recording artists to create a product similar to the Cape Town Jazz Festival i.e.

Kinanda Music Festival with 3 main objectives

1. Create great wholesome Entertainment from excellent musicians.

2. Sell and market Kenyan Afro Fusion and World music to the rest of the world.

3. Create platforms for various music education programs with the funds collected from these concerts

Another unique aspect of Kinanda is the use of these great musicians to sell social conscious messages and positions them as social justice ambassadors

Kinanda 1, the first in the album series is already on-sale at the NuMetro Music Stores and will be launched later on this year. This will consequently be followed by a series of performance concerts throughout Nairobi before going countrywide.

Contact info

Tim Rimbui
P.O. BOX 24113
Nairobi, Kenya
+254 728 306 630 +254 722 357 489


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