How to make a Kenyan hit.

Want to know what goes into making a Kenyan hit song? Well then, let your favorite Kenyan artist tell it. Check out how Gospel artist AStar breaks it down; he also want you the fan to assist him!

"A lot of people make songs in different ways... changing the style of how you make your song, diversifying of styles brings about longevity of an artist. So this is me asking you.. the listener for assistance. Be the "producer"... my song making process is as follows... i get an idea... e.g. a story i wanna tell... then i think of the mood.. instrumental hear-a-like... e.g. for this song i constructed it to Runaway Love By Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige. The lyrics are from me... as in my experiences... wanted to tell the story of how we all have different gift but how our "old school" elders believe that jobs like rapping, Dj-ing are NOT REAL JOBS!! I think the Ludacris song is wonderful... but the message... runaway... nahhh don't runaway from problems... face them head on... anyway... got the lyrics down then hollad at my boy BlackMan... he on the other hand was like... we need to make the instrumental BANGIN!! Kanye style... so he constructed a beat and i dropped my verses.. i wanted Kanjii to sing the hook but BlackMan was like... nahh... we always use Kanjii... i'm feeling a stronger male voice... KERA!! Gospel Fatherz!! so we called him.. we already had a hook for him.. but once he jumped into the studio and heard the track he dropped his own hook.. I always like guys expressing themselves 100%... rather than me telling them exactly what to sing... anyway here is the SCRATCH... i repeat SCRATCH... i'm feeling it... but i feel like it's not yet there... i'd say it's like 50% complete... so here's where you... THE LISTENER comes in... what would you like added to hear... added, removed... what your take... become the producer... hit me up... listen to the song and hit me with your HONEST input.. if it's wack to you.. SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD... if you love it... SAY IT LOUD AND PROUD... what's your take..."

Check out the track he wants assistance with by downloading his song "2 Fish, Five Loaves" featuring Kera here. So how would you improve the song?


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