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Hi people, so I promised y’all I would get back to doing reviews on the blog. And what better way to start than a movie I recently saw called September Dawn. This 2007 movie revolves around the fictional love story between Emily Hudson (Tamara Hope), the daughter of the wagon train's pastor, and Jonathan Samuelson (Trent Ford), the son of the local Mormon bishop but is really about the tragic Mountain Meadows massacre of 1857 when a wagon train of emigrants was attacked by a small group of Mormon militiamen and members of the Paiute tribe; more than 120 men, women, and children were killed. The movie also stars Jon Voight as Jacob Samuelson, as Brigham Young, and Jon Griws as John D.Lee.

The Mountain Meadows massacre has been a subject that has not been effectively investigated and highlighted in the history of the U.S. This movie attempts to revive and shine new light on the tragic events that occurred in Utah, where a rich wagon of emigrants who were traveling past Utah to California were brutally massacred by members of the Mormon church in that area. At the time Mormons had escaped to the area as they were in conflict with the U.S government, and paranoia among the church toward the passing emigrants could have resulted in their massacre .Their has been somewhat low-key admission by the Mormon Church regarding the killings, but no serious attempts have been made the church to own up to the killings.

The relationship between Emily and Jonathan is a powerful story with both actors giving a great performance. They provide an element of love in the otherwise tragic story.

This movie revealed to me a story I had known nothing about, and I’m sure many people are still ignorant of which is surprising considering the scale of killings. It s quite a relevant movie in today’s world of religious killings and extremism, and reveals how otherwise normal people can be led to harm others due to extremist and misguided views.
This is a movie I recommend you see.

::KC::blog Rating: ★★★★☆



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