Video Hits Package 1.1

O.K let's get into this 2nd edition of VHP(Video Hits Package.) As I previously mentioned VHP is a new session where we get to look at my favorite Christian music videos' from the past. Today we will be checking out Sounds of Blackness with their great song "Optimistic." This is from their 1991 debut album "The Evolution of Gospel." They are arguably one of the acts that ushered in the contemporary Gospel scene even before Kirk Franklin arrived. Although the song doesn't make clear reference to God it is an inspiring song, and when they sing"as long as you keep head to the sky.." you get an idea of whom they are speaking of.

Next let's will check out hard-rockers Skillet with their jam "Alien Youth" from their 2001 album of the same name. I admit at the time I didn't get this song at the time...but it grew on me after a while. Being born-again is not easy especially for young people who don't want to be seen as "goody two-shoes" or "squares." So sometimes being a young Christian, you really do feel like an alien in society.

And last but certainly not least is a song from one of my favorite groups Out of Eden! Man I adore these sisters and I am still so sad that they retired from singing. Anyway, this is the lovely,"Lovely Day" haha. It's from their 1994 debut album Lovin the Day. I could not find this video on Youtube, but thankfully Myspace had it. Enjoy it and may it brighten up your day like it always does mine.

Out Of Eden


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