We do not want to hear any more political grand-standing by either side, we do not want to hear the blame game on who has done wrong, we do not want the finger pointing on who is causing the violence, we do not want to hear pre-conditions to meeting, we do not want to hear about who is trying to "cleanse" who.

All Kenyans want right now is for these people, our so-called leaders to put their ego's aside and stop the violence that is destroying our nation right now! What is the use of leadership if it cannot be used to bring Kenyans to not turn on one another? You can only influence people to attend your political meetings but you ca't influence them to stop the violence?

No more blame games, no more finger pointing. We only want to hear the calls for peace now! Your political victories are not worth the blood of innocent men, women and children. Leaders; come together, reconcile or you should all step down for you would have failed in leadership. We want peace in our land now!


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