Kenyan Gospel artists speak on violence.
Amidst the recent violence and political crisis that has hit Kenya, members of the Gospel fraternity in Kenya have made calls for peace and unity. It is good to see the Gospel community who have considerable influence on their listeners call for Kenyans to unite and for the violence to stop. I would like to take this oppurtunity to encourage them to continue on this path, so that Kenya may come out of this sad state stronger and with more faith in God.


"We have reached a place where we need to forgo our tribal backgrounds and forget where people are from. We need to value our I.D cards – all they say is Kenyan. That's all that matters. Not tribe, not status – just Kenyan. Its amazing how the international media is desperately trying to portray only the worst part of the clashes. It's like they were on standby to tear us down. That just shows how the success of this country is being envied by outsiders, and we must work hard to protect it. This is a very blessed country and it's a shame that now we are becoming familiar with those blessings and are now abusing them. I pray that Kenyans can travel outside this country, then they will realize just how blessed Kenya is. We need to fight this violence and killings, and watch out for the spirit of tribalism. We might be resurrecting a big monster that can bring down this nation in just a few months. Let's turn to God."

Robert Kamanzi: (born in and expereinced war in Burundi)

"My appeal is for us to immediately stop the war in our nation. The effects and consequences of war are far too painful for a country to handle, I would know, I came from a country that has been war-torn for years. I know what it is like, and how it made my country backwards. I would not wish that on Kenyans. I urge us to stop following our politicians blindly, and at all costs, avoid war."

"I think for a nation that is 80 per cent Christian, we have let ourselves down very badly, and we've let our country down. We should have come out earlier and more strongly to condemn the violence and practice what we preach. It's a shame that we have even allowed politicians into our very churches to advocate for their issues, and then we forget to keep them accountable. Previous regimes in this country we're kept on their
toes by the Christian community. Now the church needs to rise up and keep our nation accountable".

SK Blue: ( A member of the Wakenya Pamoja initiative)
"I'm appealing especially to the youth of this nation – we are the present and the future of this nation. Let us fight for peace and calm. Let us stop being incited by an older generation that is sitting comfortably in their houses while we, the young people run around on the streets looting and being violent. Do you see any of those people out on the streets? That generation has nothing to loose. We, the youth, have everything to loose. We have our future to loose. Let's save our country".

Pete Odera:

"I think this country has shown Kenya for who we are. We are not 70 per cent Chrstian as we are told. This election has revealed our soul, the true nature of who we are. Under pressure, we have seen just who we are. I think this election warrants a real introspection. I think its time this country really repented and turned to God. We have been looking for a political messiah when our solution cannot be a political one. We need a change of heart, a change of direction, a renewal of the mind". "Right now there are many people suffering as a result of the violence. It's time for us to be proactive. Let's rally our resources to help them. Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus and offer practical solutions to the needs we now see all around us".

Jemimah Thiong'o

"Maybe this is a wake up call for the church, maybe the church has run away from God. We need to pray intently and turn back to God - it is time for true repentance. We have seen senseless violence. We have seen tribalism. We have seen witchdoctors involved in the electioneering process. We need to repent for all the sins of the Kenyan people.If we have thought evil of our leaders, we need to repent. Our sin will cause God not to listen to us." "Also, God needs to give a discerning spirit to our young people: so that they can know when they are being held captive by politicians."


  1. Now if only they can move on from talking to action....


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