Wakenya Pamoja Press Statement

:: Below is a transcript of the Press Release issued by Wakenya Pamoja on the 2nd of January 2007.

"We as the gospel music fraternity of Kenya hereby want to acknowledge and celebrate the involvement of Kenyans in the 2007 general elections to which they turned out in large numbers to portray their love for Kenya . Non-the less we would also want to address our present situation as a nation.

"We are hereby calling for calm and a cease to any violence whatsoever. We therefore appeal to our audience across the country to exercise restraint and to exhibit unity and love by taking the responsibility of being our brother's keeper.

- To the youth we want to warn them against inciters who compel them to indulge into looting, destruction of property and violence. Our message to the youth countrywide is this: “We are the future of Kenya only if we are united not divided”

-To the religious leaders on the ground , this is the time to preach peace calm and solidarity to our people.

-To the Church in Kenya , as the body of Christ, let us come out in numbers and help those affected by the violence, with food, clothing and shelter.

-To our Political leaders President Mwai Kibaki and Hon Raila Odinga , this is the time to set aside your differences and first prioritize the welfare of our country that has been and still is an oasis of peace, an exhibition of beauty and splendor, a land of democracy, development and potential.

"This will only be maintained through peace, love and unity. We as the young people appeal that both of you meet and dialogue with the intervention of a mediator, so that peace and unity may prevail to secure our future as Kenyan youth.

"We as the gospel musicians therefore are ready and willing to partner with any organization, body or outfit that is preaching peace at this time in the history of our nation.

"We are one irrespective of ethnic background, gender or social status.

"God Bless Kenya"


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