Wakenya "Keep Hope Alive" Concert.

Wakenya Pamoja is a collaboration of Kenyan Gospel Artists who have come together in the wake of the crisis that has engulfed our nation in the recent past to pursue several initiatives for peace and reconciliation.

One of these initiatives is the ‘Wakenya Pamoja: Keeping Hope Alive’ concert, an event which brings together many of the industry’s top performing and recording artists, Gospel and otherwise, in a show of unity and a call for peace and reconciliation.

This concert will use music to focus people on peace and reconciliation. Entry to the event will be gained through a donation of dry foods (a packet of flour, sugar, rice, beans, green grams etc), blankets, clothes or shoes and so on. These items will be used in the humanitarian effort to help those displaced or adversely affected during this period. The event will feature artists such as Esther Wahome, Rufftone, Jemimah Thiongo, Suzanna Owiyo, Abbi, SK Blue, Zaidi Ya Mziki, Pete Odera, Mavuno Worship Project, amongst many others. And in a show of peace and solidarity, the dress code for this event will be all white. Another initiative of Wakenya Pamoja was to bring together these artists to record the anthemic song ‘Wakenya Pamoja’.

This includes the single and video of the same which are currently enjoying wide circulation on all major TV and Radio stations. The artists of Wakenya Pamoja came together under the direction of Pete Odera, SK Blue, Robert ‘R-Kay’ Kamanzi, and DJ Moz. Wakenya Pamoja is supported by, amongst others, Mwafrika.com, K-Krew, Johari Designs Ltd, Sakata Media, Moja Entertainment, and Waterbrook Ministries.


Date: 12 January 2008

Venue: Uhuru Gardens (Off Lang'ata Road)

Featuring: Wakenya Pamoja Artists Cost Donation of dry foods, blankets or clothes/shoes Dress Code: - White

(source: www.mwafrika.com)


  1. Moved me to tears!!!!….such unity is extremely touching….i am so proud to be Kenyan….because that’s what we are about….unity…..this is just a hitch that we have to overcome….
    ~~QUOTE:…..EVEN TOO MUCH SUNSHINE CAN BE DEVASTATING, WHILE ONLY WITH RAIN CAN GROWTH OCCUR. ACCEPT BOTH AS PART OF THE GROWING PROCESS OF LIFE~~…..Kenyans, we should all take view what has happened as one of the trials that we have to overcome as Kenyans..and not as tribes!!!!! THEN WE CAN TAKE IT FROM THERE!!!!

  2. i would very much like to be part of the team how do i join in helping those needy kenyans?Am a twenty eight year old graduate of Maseno University. I graduated with a Second Class Honors, Bachelor of Education Degree specializing in Economics and Business studies.Tell me any way i can help.My email is erastusomil@gmail.com


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