Kenya death toll still climbing.

Just when most Kenyans thought things may have calmed down a bit after the violence flare-ups last week, we start the new week with disturbing reports about a new surge in the post-electoral death toll.

According to Reuters and BBC the latest death toll is about 486, about 100 more than has been previously reported. This new information was from a government humanitarian services committee.Other reports put the new deaths at between 100-200, which could mean the real death toll might be approaching the 550-600 mark. This now seems to be degenerating to an Iraq-situation with daily death tolls being reported.

From what I have heard, this new surge may be from retaliatory attacks from Mungiki gangs.(But this is unconfirmed, and the surge could be unaccounted for deaths)

I cannot speak for the victims of the violence, but all I know is that retaliatory attacks can only start a new unprecedented cycle of violence which may eclipse any previously seen in Kenya. Someone needs to put a stop to this. I think Kenyans need to demand that both leaders either sort this out or they should both be blacklisted from leadership.

God save Kenya!

(UPDATE: Raila Odinga has called off the nationwide rallies scheduled for Tuesday 8th. This was done I hope to pursue the mediation route.)


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