There's nothing like this on radio...

Think of it. This will be live on the internet, on satellite and as many land stations as possible. The Way of the Master Radio will link us live to you, so that we can encourage and equip each other. We will have regular input with live call-in question and answer sessions, a lot of witnessing, open air preaching, lots of laughs, random phone calls to the unsaved, and teaching about how to reach the lost. There’s nothing like this on radio--equipping the Church world-wide to reach the unsaved. It will help to bring together an army of believers from around the world. We are delirious with excitement about this, and hope that you are too. With our friend Todd Friel as host and your support, The Way of the Master Radio will become a reality. We never ask for support for ourselves, but we are asking you to get behind this very worthy cause. Thank you for your prayers and support.


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